Saffron Effect On Reproductive System:

1. Helps reproductive system in Men: Saffron regenerates the reproductive system in men. This herbs is used in ayurvedic to manage circumstances like low sperm motility premature ejaculation , erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

2. Effect’s reproductive system in women: Saffron benefits in order to ease the catamenial flow and turns as an antispasmodic. Hence, it is used in order to ease delivery of baby, dysmenorrhea and earliest anemia.

3. Effective to the entire body: These gorgeous red stigmas help to rejuvenate body and act as “rasayana.” They improve body immunity plus increase energy level.


1. Useful to Excretory system: Saffron benefits in easy flow of urine and therefore, used in restraining of urine.

2. Useful on skin: Saffron beneficial in reducing dark colors ace and pimple and dark circles under eyes. It helps to gain fairness and glow of skin.

3. Useful for Digestive System: saffron or Kumkuma helps to increase hunger. It additionally lowers indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, and acidity.

4. Help full of our Central Nervous System: Saffron is used as an active ingredient in ayurvedic safeguards for diseases of the central nervous system .

5. Rheumatic Arthritis: Saffron is very effective in arthritis.

6. Best for our Circulative system: Saffron is used as a cardiac tonic. Moreover, also used to treat diseases that result from vitiation of blood.

7. Very useful to Excretory system: Saffron benefits in easy flow of urine and hence used in retention of urine.

Recipes With Saffron! Kesar Flower :

1. Saffron has to be provided to pregnant women starting 3rd trimester. (about 7th month). About 5-6 stigmas of saffron have to be given with milk in addition, later mixed to a mug of milk. This milk has to be drunk at night.

2. Prepare a paste of saffron and sandal wood. Dilute it with little water and apply it as a face pack. It helps to reduce pimple, dark circle, acne, and increase fairness and blush of skin.

3. A blend of finely ground saffron and rose water helps eyes improve to strengthen the vision.

4. Saffron paste when applied on injury speeds up healing system.

5. Fry 5-6 badam in ghee, Grind these badam with milk and saffron to prepare a fine paste. Put this paste into a cup of milk to get rich golden-yellow Kesar. Consuming saffron badam milk at night benefits to restore the female and male reproductive system. It helps men who are suffering through a problem like low sperm motility premature ejaculation,erectile dysfunction and low sperm count.

6. When saffron paste with sandal wood oil mixture is applied on the forehead, it helps to reduce fever and head ache.

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