Egyptian healers used saffron as a treatment for all varieties of gastrointestinal ailments.
Modern medicine has also discovered saffron as having anticarcinogenic (cancer-suppressing),anti-mutagenic (mutation-preventing), immunomodulating, and antioxidant-like properties. Early studies show that saffron may protect the eyes from the direct effects of bright light and retinal stress apart from slowing down macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa.
According to Ayurveda, saffron is said to be Tridoshara i.e. it is a destroyer of aggravation in all the three body humors viz. air, heat, phlegm.
  • Brain Tonic - Saffron is believed to be a boon for the brain as well as the entire nervous system. You could add a pinch of the same to your milk , preferably at bed time. To release aroma ,colour and flavour steep them in hot milk for atleast 20 minutes.A grandmother’s recipe is to add cardamom and almonds to this hot milk . It also relieves tension and depression.
  • Diuretic - Being diuretic , saffron tends to cause free passage of urine. It thus finds an important place in treating urinary disorders in which there is diminished flow of urine. At home you can soak it in water at night and the subsequent day take it mixed with honey or sugar.
Uterine Healer - Saffron tends to cause neutral contractions of the uterus. A number of Ayurvedic preparations containing saffron have been successfully used in treating women ailments like amenorrhoea , dysmenorrhoea and uterine infections. Saffron is also believed to be quite useful in difficult labour and as a uterine purifier after the childbirth.

Appetizer - It also aids in digestion by increasing the appetite. Saffron is also high in thiamin and riboflavin, minerals which are known to promote a healthy heart.

Cooling Agent - Saffron is the main ingredient of Thandai , the drink to cool off when the sun gives out scorching heat . Thandai comprises of almonds, fennel seeds, rose water , black peppers and saffron ground together and blended with sugar and chilled milk.

Regular usage of saffron is effective for Asthma and common colds.

It works effectively against headaches , when applied as paste to the forehead.

As a spice it is used internationally for colouring and flavour while giving a distinct aroma and a beautiful golden colour. Saffron pairs marvelously with rice(Zaafrani Pulao) and is an indispensable ingredient in many classical recipes. In India, dishes are decorated with saffron threads , as mark of honour to the guest. It is also used in Saffron Ice creams (Zaafran).

Saffron is the key ingredient in the manufacture of flavoured chewing tobacco (Zaafrani Zarda) mainly used in India.

Boon for the skin - Since olden times , saffron has been regarded as highly beneficial for skin. Not only does it add glow to the skin and cure blemishes, it also acts as a blood purifier. The oil of saffron called ‘Kumkumaadi tail’ is used in many fairness creams as the main constituent. Pregnant women are given saffron with milk, in the hope that their unborn infants would acquire a fair and glowing complexion.

As per Unani system of medicine , Saffron is considered as hot and dry. It is said to reduce inflammation. It is a stimulant and stomachic (one that tones the stomach. Considered a god remedy for enlargement of the liver and affection of the urinary bladderand kidneys , also in cholera. Mixed with other drugs, it is used to help in menstruation. It is strengthening to the heart and is refrigerant for the brain. If soaked overnight in water and administered with honey it makes the patient suffering from urine trouble to pass the urine freely. Pounded with ghee, it is used in diabetes.

Iranian used saffron to treat respiratory infections and disorders such as coughs and common colds,smallpox, cancer, hypoxia, and asthma. Other targets included blood disorders, insomnia, paralysis, heart diseases, flatulence, stomach upsets and disorders, gout, chronic uterine haemorrhage, dysmorrhea, amenorrhea, baby colic, and eye disorders.

For ancient Persians, saffron was also an aphrodisiac, a general-use antidote against poisoning, a digestive stimulant, and a tonic for dysentery and measles.

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